Pepper soy chicken wid blueberry vinegar

On eve of Holi I decided to prepare some spicy but light food, when my dad told he wants to have chicken for dinner. I decided to Cook pepper chicken, while cooking I thought of giving my receipe a tangy twist by blueberry vinegar ( Jamun vinegar) and soy sauce. So let’s start, here is the ingredient


Chicken 1kg, Onions 1/2kg, crushed black pepper 1tsp, dry red chillies 2, green chillies 2, curry leaves, mustard seeds 1tsp, garlic ginger paste 1tbsp, oil 3 tbsp, soy sauce 1/2tsp, salt for taste n blueberry vinegar.

In a pan heat oil add mustard seed when it starts crackling put curry leaves n dry red chillies into it and fry, now add sliced onions in the pan and fry it till its turns golden. Add chicken in pan n stir it properly let it fry for 10 mins, add green chillies, crushed black pepper and salt mix it properly, close d lid of pan and let it cook. Open d lid n stir chicken add soy sauce to it n mix it properly, if u want gravy add some water into it or let it be dry. Now turn off d stove and add blueberry vinegar into the pan and mix it. Our tangy n spicy receipe is ready to serve.

You can have it with plain or fried rice. Do write me if u liked d tangy twist in your pepper chicken..😃


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